Fallin’ Bikes


Spent this morning reflecting on the soul of my lost bikes. As a bike guy you grow attach to your bikes constantly maintaing, fixing and accessorizing.

Yesterday my city bike was stolen after resting for 30 mins in front of my old shop – it wasn’t the cost of the bike but the emotional attachment I had to it. It’s the perfect bike to ride around Siem Reap, the seat was an old school find, and my friend Pin gifted it to me after building it from scratch – it had super a sentimental old school Khmer feel to it and it was a super FAST bike.  Boo.

The other bike that was stolen, was my originally (G)ROVER that I sold off to a good friend several months ago. We found out last month that the taxi that delivered GROVER from Battambang to Siem Reap just took it during the storage period. We tried and we can’t get it back. “GROVER” was the first bike that I ever purchased about 4 years ago from Lucky, its done everything from a PEPY Ride with Daniela to my first brutal long haul to Bangkok – many months was spent riding that bike alone through Cambodia, with countless rides from Siem Reap to Battambang. I didn’t want to sell this bike at all but needed to divert some money immediately and it was best to sell it to a friend.

It’s difficult to think about parting ways with both of these bikes, even more to let them go, even crazier to know they are both stolen and could be anywhere with anyone or scrapped for parts.

Bah! Wah! No!


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