Day 1 // Siem Reap to Anlong Veng

Approx Distance: 130 – 140km
Time on bike: 7-8 hrs
Meals eaten today: 1 (chicken feet soup with rice)
Flat tires: 1
Coffee: 2
Shoes lost: 1 (biking 130km+ in flip flops really suck)
Best song on the playlist: Blood on Leaves

I originally planned to do this trip in two days but due to some time restraints for work/meetings I pushed it into one day.

Silly Jam… hills are for the sober.

Still slow from the drink/bike blessing party on Friday nite and farewell poker at Picasso last nite – I woke up super late and after a caltex coffee with Steve and some last minute errands departed Siem reap around 9.30am.

The ride itself was uneventful but the sun and biking in flip flops made it much longer than it needed to – and oh yeah HILLS like loads and loads of them. I hitchhiked this road in October so I forget about them until now.

But they did provide a beautiful sunset as I was approaching Anlong Veng.

Super super exhausted and a little dehydrated but overall a fantastic first day.

P.s. the WordPress app rocks but it’s still difficult to do this update on an iPhone
Oh and last day on my Cambodia number – so email or Facebook is the only way to contact me.







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