Day 2 : Anlong Veng to Si Si Ket :: The Mountain leads to the Hospital

Distance Biked: 60-70km
Distance Bi(tched) biked: 50-60km
Time on bike: 5-6hrs
Time in hospital: 45mins
Amount of times I was chased by dogs: 4 (more showed up later)
Best song on the playlist: M83 – Midnite City

After an hr of early morning work emails with Beijing, I took off for the Thai/Cambo border which is only 15km away from Anglong Veng.

I love passing these Hun Sen banners. Enough said.


I have been dreading this 5 km uphill from Anlong Veng to Choam for days now… Its open, the wind is strong and the elevation would make it impossible to do it all in one go. It’s a good test for the new gears and it was tough.

Halfway up the hill I took a quick water break. Damn it was hot.


Dean – this is the big ass hotel that is going up right next to the border. I took a tour of it last October, the rooms were simple, the views were amazing and the casino was filled with cross border Thai’s.


The border crossing into Thailand was easy I could even walk my bike up to the checkpoint. Super environmental.After 5 mins I was waiting for a scam – none arrived so I departed.


After the border things got exciting.

WARNING: If you dont like blood or hospital bits then I would recommend you stop reading now. Seriously.

My biggest fear in Asia is being bitten by a dog. I have been working on this fear by running through the village back to Siem Reap so I normally get chased at least once a run. Today the dogs were a bit different they weren’t just running beside me they were actually snipping at my feet. After being chased by 3 different dogs in 2 hrs I realized that I needed some sort of deterrent. I picked up some stones and put them in my back pocket. As I was biking up a steep hill I noticed a huge dog sitting on the top just barking at me – I quickly moved over to the other side and continued biking fast uphill, unfortunately the dog crossed over and just started lunging at my feet. I turned back to throw some stones at it the same time my bike hit a hole and I just flew off.

I really don’t remember what happened next except that I looked down and saw a huge gash on my right foot, loads of blood blood blood everywhere and more than four dogs surrounding me. I picked up small stones and just threw it at them. They didn’t move. I started to screaming (mostly from the pain) and then they started to back off – So I just kept screaming at them until I could pick myself back up.

Because the day needed to get better it just started to rain. This situation was so funny I had to laugh.
I got up grab my gear and hobbled a couple hundred metres to a nearby school to assess the situation.

My foot looked like this… and well my body is covered in small bruises. Pretty Rad.


After dosing all the alcohol swaps and cleaning it as best I could… I knew that I needed to get to a hospital but now in Thailand with no working phone, map etc I just didn’t know how far I was from anything. I bandaged it up as much I could and just biked around 20km in the rain until the rain made it impossible to bike anymore. …so I stopped under a small food stall, sat next to an old women and took a nap for a while.

I woke up and I had no idea of the time so I just kept biking. Occasionally I would find someone who spoke Khmer so after putting the pieces together I was able to get the distance and location of the closes hospital. It was roughly another 30km and with no transport in sight and no trucks stopping at the sight of a bloody footed foreigner I had no choice but to bike off…

Hospitals in Thailand are the best and I know them all to well.

I was worried about what needed I to do to stop the bleeding and the pain but I never thought that I would need three needles, mini buckets of antiseptic and gulp – stitches.



I love watching medical stuff and since this is the first time I was getting stitched up I really wanted to watch it. The nurse was clearly an expert and sewed me up quite quick.



The hospital was super efficient – in less than 45 mins in and out all for $20. Unfortunately it was so remote that there were no taxis or transport. Just a bus at 6pm that most likely couldn’t take my bike. So a security guard and I managed to track down a family heading into town. I threw my bike on the back and got a sweet 10km ride, I love the generosity of strangers. If you are ever in KouKhan and need a clinic completely recommend them!



After a quick trip I managed to get a taxi to Si Sa Ket another nearby town and settle down to recover before moving on.
Cant wait for tomorrow!


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