It’s been 6 days since the zombie bike accident and many thanks to everyone for the well wishes. The cut is located on the top of my foot which makes it difficult to walk and bike so I wanted to make sure the stitches healed up (to some degree) before I took off again.

After two days of solid boredom/pain from other cuts and bruises I came to the realization that this journey of slowing down was meant to be and I have been embracing it. Getting caught up on TV shows, skyping and connecting with old friends and family.  A couple nites ago I hobbled out to the closes restaurant and meet some great people in town that were really welcoming. It’s been fun to hang out with Thais, teachers, expats and see a different side of Thailand. In this city if you can’t speak basic Thai simple things like ordering coffee or taxis can become difficult and I like that about this town.

3 days ago was the first time I  ventured more than 400 metres from my hotel and I had a blast sightseeing via taxi, rickshaws – my friend broke her hip two months ago in a crazy motorcycle accident, so between us we were the limping party of the town.

This part of the journey has been unexpectedly fun but I can’t wait to hop back on the bike and take off for Ubon tomorrow.

Listening to Feist:


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