Gonna miss the Pad.

So many emotions are running through my brain as I am preparing to leave Cambodia. Today its getting my place ready for some friends to come over and start buying pieces of my life. In 1 hr its my bike (sniff sniff) then its my apartment and furniture. After 5 years I am strangely attached to some of these material possession since they have moved around with me from ArtDeli to Battambang and then back to Siem Reap.

I feel like each piece has a history more than a purpose.

I really want to find a good home for some of these things more than make money from it, but then again going home is expensive.

One thing I will miss is my apartment. In the past 6 months there have been some life challenges thrown my way but nothing shapes your life like how you live you life. My space contributed to the daily presence and its tranquility gave me enough time to think,  but it was also big enough to work on multiple projects at once. The key was hidden in the usual spot for friends, strangers and an open door policy that usually worked on trust. I will miss all of it and some of the cool unique spaces:

The open air shower. Complete with a skylight and enough room to shower a cow.
The random frogs in the shower were fun but scarry at nite.


The Funky Open Bathroom


The grand open concept living room, studio, work space, bedroom (and sometimes bike shop)
I am really going to miss the concept wall for my show “Borders // Lines”



Other fun stuff like Chickens


Random Cashnew Nuts that fall on your laptop when you work.
I didn’t know that they grew on trees! Silly Canadian.


They are in season right now and this is the natural communal bowl for it.


I brighten up after I enter the main gate  – its a pretty bright and welcoming space.
Especially the underused treehouse that has a fantastic sunset view.


But what I will miss the most is my office.


Siem Reap Pad

I was really fortunate to have lived in some amazing apartments in Cambodia, but this one has a soft spot in my heart during my time here.
Thanks “pad” for being the perfect place to reflect, challenge and help me move into the next chapter.


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