New and Old Baggage

When I first arrived in Cambodia times were a little tough at the start.
I saved up for the trip for months but after a brief stint with dengue and malaria in the hospital, my funds dwindled and dwindled but instead of going home I chose to fly over to Cambodia to finish my internship. I arrived with two bags (bottom left) and a couple hundred USD (support from gracious peeps) for 3 months.

5.5 years later of adventures and some hard work, I am heading out with the maximum amount of luggage (top black bags). I sold almost everything I could and gave away ALOT more. Leaving with a little more cash but really not enough to travel North America for the next month – I heard a beer could cost $10 vs cambodia’a 50cents!

But generally excited for the next big move to Afghanistan with even less luggage! Woohoo!



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