Random Moments in Paris

Between the free hours of evening and breakfast I spent a bunch of time just walking and exploring around town.
Here are some of the happenings:


A random wanna be Artdeli cafe so had to pop in for a quick inspection and pint. It passed the test.
Attempted to finish another Shackleton book.


A Random place in Bastille that only serves Belgian beer. The menu had over 60 bottle and half a dozen on tap. Finally somebody gets this right. No other beers need to exist.


I had a kwak, it came with the original glass. Amazingly  Random.


A Random art show on the Siene Boardwalk. Apparently Paris invited planking back in the 60’s


Random rulers and wood on the side of the river. Couldnt move any of them.


Random bits of wood stuck on a wall. I took this photo for Little Lisa.


Random Piano that anybody could play – thanks Lindsay for the location!


A Random building. Couldnt find the esclator.


A Random Space Invaders Sighting!


A Random evening and one of my best days in Paris with Alice. Playing a french lawn game near the river while drinking beer, under the stars and rain. She has amazing friends. What a good night! Also I got the hang of the game at the end.


Random doors in my office that dont open. I tried and tried.


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