This rocked my world today.


Where god only comes to weep


I found this book in the market yesterday. I was hoping to find a book written by a local(ish) author to help shed some more context into my work here in Afghanistan.

This book reads like a dream, and this excerpt did it.

“I’ve been thinking about it” say Morad
What? ask Shirin-Gol (Translation Sweet Flower)
“You should become a doctor. A doctor or whatever else your heart desires.”
Why? asks Shirin-Gol
“My Sweet Flower, my heart, my queen, because you were right. The only reason our own government was able to betray our country and us and sell it to the Russians – our misery, this war – all of that could only happen because we are stupid, because we know nothing, we understand nothing, we cannot read or write, we believe anyone who stands in front of us and comes out with clever stuff, holds a piece of paper and says this is the law from today onwards. We are a nation of the blind. Anyone can do what he likes with us. Push us in the pond, leave us standing somewhere, lead us astray, even kill us. Only one who can see knows where he is, and can make up his own mind whether he wants to be there, and he sees where he is going all by himself. You were right, Sweet Flower, you have always been right. For me it is too late but I want you and my children to learn how to read and write. I want them to learn to make their own minds up about what is good and what is evil, who is lying and who is telling the truth, who is an enemy and who is a friend.”
Well spoken, says Shirin-Gol, kissing Morad on the forehead.

Reading books like this, hanging out with families, staff members etc constantly provide a bigger perspective and they remind me of the importance of designing rural schools for girls – which I never want to lose focus off.




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