Any recommendations for the next journey?

Kota Kinabalu, Baltimore, Toronto, Beijing, Los Angeles, Siem Reap, Battambang, Si Si Ket, Phnom Penh, Kampot, Concord MA, Paris, Kabul, Bangkok, Georgetown, and now home.


It’s a random set of 16 cities that I have spent more than one week travelling or working in for the past 16 months. Some I have visited twice, some thrice and some I have stayed in for a couple months. 

It’s amazing the sequences of life events that propel you from one location to the next and everyone in each city that I meet along the way has been fascinating and friendly. Kota Kinabalu wasn’t even on my radar until a good mate suggested it about a week before I departed, but it lead to randomly climbing Mount Kinabalu. Si Si Ket was a random small town that I would have never stopped in except for the zombie bite bike wound and 6 months ago I never thought that I would be here in Afghanistan. 

I am really lucky. I don’t take it for granted, and even though I felt like I just “got” here, these little trips are far from over.

Right now I have an important decision to make, every couple months I am entitled to a 2 week vacation and a free (reasonable) flight ticket. Woohoo! Unfortunately due to work shennigans I have to book my first trip soon. So I started emailing peeps, and narrowed it down to a couple places on the list.

Journeys with fun people make it even better. So here is the list and please recommend more and if you would like to join: 

Cambodia – it would be nice to go back to visit my Khmer family, friends and the bike shop. Unfortunately the ticket is $3000 US return from Kabul. So it’s not an option this time, but it needs to go on the list and I hope to visit before the New Year.

K2 Base Camp – this seems like a good possibility just depends on the weather and trekking dates in Sept. Has anybody’s done this?


Santiago de Compostela – This is a bucket list trip. Anyone tips?

 Socotra – People say this is the most alien-beautiful looking island on the planet. 
Another other recommendations around this area?
More random sequence of events that I can collide with – The merrier. 

3 thoughts on “Any recommendations for the next journey?

  1. Bangkok, of course. Hopefully the flight would be a *little* more reasonable than 3K.

  2. Kelsey hopefully it’s sooner than later. I am sooooo excited for your new adventures. Kinda jealous and wish I was the KG teacher living down the street popping my head in to see the Librarian! and Kim! Love your blog. You rock.

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