Trying to understand the war in Iraq.

The news options here in Afghan are limited, so for the past several weeks I have just been saving links from interesting online articles that has been popping and viewing them when the internet is fast enough. They have been very helpful in filtering out the noise and focusing on the people. My heart goes out to the people in Iraq, I can’t imagine what a day is like there.


These series of maps really breakdown the history of Iraq to present day. I like visuals and this one is really easy to understand.
Everyday this site posts a map of Iraq with recaps and timelines. Just a brief view of the week has showed me how much this country has changed.

Dean posted this short VICE doc yesterday and it doesn’t hold back any punches. These stories are narrated from a local point of view and that’s why these series of docs are SPOT on. Part one is narrated by the Islamic State Press Officer for ISIS he leads the interview, battles in a gun fights and shares the groups vision in less than 10 mins. I was terrified.Warning: This video is really intense.


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