The Blue Mosque – NatGeo Style.

I visited this mosque twice and posted some pics but Steve McCurry and NatGeo recently posted this stunning pic – need I say more?

Blue Mosque

Well I am going to try : >
This mosque is in the centre of town and I see snippets of a tower here and there whenever I leave the house. Its tranquil and one of the few places in Mazar where I see families resting, playing and praying. Since I’m not muslim I am not allowed to go inside the mosque but the few stories I hear from visitors I would highly recommend it. The museum is home to artificats that are over 500 years old and scattererd throughout a small room, some are behind glass cabinets, others are out in the open – I love this style as you feel like you are walking into someone’s home and or vintage shop. It was really cool to see fathers explaining to their kids what these relics mean.

I highly recommend a visit on Friday, and stop at a the fruit stall on the way in and pick up an ice cherry smoothie. Its refreshing!




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