10 Habits of People that follow their dreams.

The folks at broccoli posted this list of 10 habit of dreamers, along with these pictures of a lovely beard and a green dress. I love listicles and this is one fantastic list. I don’t know if I agree with all of them, but I decided to comment on the ones that have impacted and challenged me:

1. They see challenges as opportunities
This is a definite. I take risk, have fun, and continually push myself. Not everything risk is measured in success or failure, instead I measure each challenge as an opportunity for growth.

6. They expect and know that they deserve the best.
If you follow your dreams – most likely you will live on the road less travelled and these road aren’t usually paved in gold bricks.

8. They create their own rules.
One of my role modes (I listed her below) once said: You can only innovate if you are deeply rooted in tradition.
Know yourself and your beliefs, because at some point rules have to challenged, bended or broken, the ones that understand this are the game changers.

9. They’ve learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable.
If you are going to challenge yourself you have to learn about being uncomfortable while expecting the unknown, whether its preparing for the 12 hr train ride with your vices in India, then add a the unexpected screaming kid or goat on top – thats being uncomfortable. Its these situations that test you and how you handle it later. I learn alot about myself about my ability to confront unexpected situations.

10. They have teachers, mentors and role models.
I have loads of role models, some I agree with, some I don’t. But I feel its important to surround yourself with people that challenge you (without degrading you) and not just agree with you. Yes People (not Yes Men) don’t work with my type of personality. Its the people that go “Why is that?” and “Let’s work together to make this better” that really challenge me, probably it’s the KG teacher talking in me – but it works.

A good example is Nadia Bolz Weber, its rare to find a female kick ass role model like this & I love the radical post modern approach she takes in serving the marginalized. She’s the tattooed pastor of the House for All Sinners and Saints (or half asses as they call themselves) she blesses bicycles and they have a chocolate fountain for commune – pretty fun. I love people that dont take themselves to seriously and If you have time give the first 20 mins a listen and prepare to laugh


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