Powerful quotes from Uruguay’s José Mujica

“We still live today as we did 40 years ago. You don’t stop being a common man just because you are president.”

“A leftwing vision of the world requires you to imagine a future utopia, but one doesn’t have the right to forget that the most important thing for every human being is the life they lead now,” he said. “The fight to make today better must become your central task.”


“And the women most discriminated against are those in poverty. Machismo hits hardest at the lowest levels. Poor girls are not well-treated by our society. There are women who end up abandoned with lots of children. For me that is one of the most important battles for fairness.”
Almost all of the 90% of his salary that Mujica gives away goes to single mothers.

“I need capitalism to work, because I have to levy taxes to attend to the serious problems we have. Trying to overcome it all too abruptly condemns the people you are fighting for to suffering, so that instead of more bread, you have less bread,”

Fantastic article. Highly recommended. 


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