Triple Throw Back November

Art Deli

I miss my old art enclave.




Thang Sothea’s. Faces. Nov 2011.

Angkor Art Explo

Take 2 dozen artists, scramble us over some art bikes and let us loose through 180km of the Cambodian countryside. Surprisingly the impromtu art shows and bikes pulled through, the artists were fantastical fun and the partnerships for future shows-galleries- documentaries-life long friends that came out of that ride was life changing. My bro scolded me in the art of leading biking and tours and I loved it .



The only piece of art that followed me to Afghan is Tim’s piece from AAE which he mounted on to old ex’s bike JANE (Jam + Anne = JANE). I loved this piece from day one and several years later he gave me a copy. It sums up my time in Cambodia perfectly and it follows me wherever I go.


KG Teaching

Watching MasterChef Jr on StarWorld right now is the closes thing that I have to interacting with children. My world is full of NGO adults and we are all really boring.  I seriously miss teaching and interacting with those crazy young challenging minds. I hope that when I ‘retire’ from all this nonsense that I can go back to being a humble teacher (easily the best job I had in my life), read “Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus” to kids and celebrate dinosaur day again.


My old kids seriously thought that dinosaurs existed as pets somewhere on the planet. I didnt want to burst that bubble and see their sad faces – the word extinct didn’t exist in my class. That was for Grade 1.


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