A 6 Month Flight Fast.

Yippee! I did it. It was tough and I realized how privileged I was in the process.

From May 2014 – Aug 2015 I was averaging a flight every 10 days.
At first it was fun. Hopping on UN flights to strange and exotic places. At one point  I flew from rural Afghan to Istanbul to Toronto and then on to Trindad in less than 10 days. Insane. There were moments that it became overwhelming, especially when you find out turbulence wasn’t the reason your plane suddenly veered off course (actually it was because a drone almost hit the plane).

During  this time I was only living out of one small backpack in a very small compound. I never really got to unpack the other one.

I started to worry about my carbon footprint. Sometimes there would only be a handful of us on a one hr flight. If I wanted to go to a grocery store one block from my house, I would need a convoy of two cars for a 15 min trek to buy peanut butter and cigarettes. In rural Afghan you burn wood to keep warm during winter. I could go on and on and on.

Then it all started to change. My weekly carbon footprint was becoming bigger and bigger.

So after a while of this,  I decided enough was enough. And after some inspirational readings from http://www.outofedenwalk.com/ and a month walking the Camino. I made a big decision. Choose a lifestyle, job and a place to live where I could keep my feet on the ground for a while. This meant no flights for 6 months. Even if there was a $11 flight to PP (yes, they do exist) or a $20 flight on AirAsia to some place exotic. I would take the much longer night bus (which actually cost more) to PP or I just stayed at home. I even started to walk a lot more instead of biking.

It hasn’t been easy. It took a long time to slowly change my privileged lifestyle – but this fast was totally worth it. What I have loved is that I was able to completely slow down my way of life.



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