The road to Santiago. PostDated Sept 2015

A postdated blog that I forgot about when my iphone died 1/3 way through my trip. Thank Buddha for saved draft.

Sept 2015.
Currently 1/3 through the 900 km+ Camino to Santiago and beyond. Walking solo on the way but meeting beautiful souls from around the world for conversations, tapas and wine.

Offline while walking and should be back online in mid October.

Pics describe this trip best.

I am walking the Camino alone. Without a guidebooks/maps or phone and without any clear schedule. Some days I walk 6km others 30km+ . I stop when I feel tired and try to find a place to rest – sometimes it means I walk longer most of the time I find a place to sleep.  Just reading the’signs’ alone the way, stopping in cathedrals, conversing with pilgrims, refilling my soul with good books and music.  Enjoying the journey and embracing the struggles more than the daily destination.

My new bf ‘Cookie Monster’ – cookie holds all my possessions on the Camino including wine and of course cookies!

The cathedral in Burgos. One of the best cathedrals I have ever seen.

I love stopping in random towns along the way for snacks. This was just one of the many scenic towns along the way.

In Ages I found a fantastic wine for 4Euro. Shared it with a passerby who declared it was the best they had on the Camino. Bold statement. Cookie monster was pleased.

I am in awe of the way that the Camino brings people together. While sharing wine with my new friend he suggested that I stop in the next town – the oldest human remains in Europe were found there. I randomly found myself on a tour bus with other pilgrims and we were on taken to a dig site by an archaeologist. Those skulls were damn cool. Being on/in a bus for just 20 mins was so weird.

One of the best things about waking the Camino is visiting the old cathedrals (when they are open). I am not catholic but mass is becoming one of my fave ways to reflect on the journey at the end of the day.

A long 33+ km day ended with a nice river.

Pilgrim graffiti!

There are loads of markers leading ‘the way.’

Ancient battle between two outdated tribes was fought here. I wonder who one?

I love the rock art we make along the way.

575 km left to Santiago. Another 100km to the coast!

Mountains, Vineyards and not a person in sight. Its such a perfect day.